Straight Hair Clip-Ins

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Straight Hair Clip-Ins
Straight Hair Clip-Ins
Straight Hair Clip-Ins

Luxurious, Easily Installed Straight Hair Clip-Ins

Are you looking to change your current hairstyle? Mix things up in a fun and fashionable way with Ornami’s luxurious, easy-to-use straight hair extensions.

High-Quality Clip-Ins

Ornami’s high-quality clip-in extensions are made of 100% human hair, so you don’t have to worry about allergies or unnatural textures. Our smooth, sleek straight hair clip-ins feature clips that are durable and will grip onto your natural hair comfortably and securely.

We at Ornami know that your hair is your crowning glory, so we make certain that each of our clip-ins looks great and blends with your natural hair. Our hair extensions come in a variety of natural shades, including:

  • Platinum Blonde
  • Bleach Blonde
  • Dirty Blonde
  • Blonde Balayage
  • Auburn
  • Deep Red
  • Chesnut Brown
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Natural Black

Each clip-in extension has a lustrous, natural-looking finish and is available only in 20-inch lengths, so you’ll have plenty to work with, whether you want to customize them to dramatically change your hairstyle or want the full length added to your hair.

Hair Extensions That Are Easy to Use

At Ornami, we believe that your extensions should not only look like your natural hair but also feel and behave like natural hair as well. All of our clip-in extensions can be washed and styled along with your natural hair. Feel free to shower, bathe, or add styling products according to your usual beauty routines without having to remove your hair extensions; ever.

When it comes to actually putting in your extensions, nothing could be easier. Our straight hair clip-ins feature convenient, quick installation that doesn’t require any kind of heat treatment. You can do it yourself, at home, and modify the final look to your heart’s content. You’ll never have to go back to a stylist to get your extensions fixed or changed.

If you’re ready to have the hair of your dreams, just pick your shade and order right here! We also offer payment options and custom orders. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Straight Hair Clip-Ins
Straight Hair Clip-Ins
Straight Hair Clip-Ins

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